Music Therapy Sessions

Music therapy sessions are offered after school hours or on the weekends.

How can music therapy help?

Music therapy can meet a variety of needs as sessions are
individualised to the person.

Do you know a child that has difficulty making friends? Do you know someone that has difficulties grasping objects? Do you know a child who wants to communicate but can’t get the message across? Do you know someone who wants to be more confident?

Music therapy can meet all these needs as sessions are individualised to the person.

Making friends can be enabled through music activities that involve turn taking and sharing and by creating musical connections between different people.

Gross motor and fine motor skills, like those involved in picking things up, can be practiced and refined by holding drum sticks and playing a song, by moving to music, or by playing an instrument.

You don’t need words to be able to communicate using music. Mood and meaning can be gained by playing with another person, by having others listen to your music or to you play.

Confidence can be gained by learning the new skills of playing an instrument, by improvising with a musician or a recording, or by being able to share your music and inner voice with the world.

Music Therapy at Central Coast Music Therapy

Central Coast Music Therapy caters for individuals of all ages and abilities and no previous musical experience is required.

We have had involvement working with individuals with: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Downs Syndrome; Global Developmental Delay; Cerebral Palsy; ADHD; learning difficulties; physical and intellectual disabilities and the like.

Music therapy sessions are conducted individually or within specific group settings for up to an hour.

For more information on session lengths, costs, or just to discuss if music therapy is the right solution for you, give us a call and we will be happy to organise an introductory consultation.

Music Therapy Sessions

Music therapy sessions can be individual or within a group setting. Sessions vary in length from 30 minutes to 1 hour. An initial assessment is recommended and lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes a written report.

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    Music therapy has the ability to improve the lives of people.

    Discover music as therapy

    Music therapy is a professional discipline that utilises planned and controlled music to achieve therapeutic goals and aims. Music therapy is the functional use of musical interaction to enhance and develop socialisation, communication, selfexpression, and sensory-motor skills.

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    Sarah Fisher Dobbin

    Sarah has been working in music education with students with a range of needs. This includes working in schools that cater for students with behaviour issues and emotional issues, schools for students with moderate to severe intellectual and physical disabilities and in mainstream settings.

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    Music therapy goals

    There are a range of music therapy techniques and interventions that are used during music therapy sessions. There are planned components but there are also activities that can be used in the moment dependent upon reaction, feelings and willingness of the participant(s).

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    Music therapy workshops

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    Music Lessons

    Providing traditional music lessons on a range of instruments.

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    Talk with us – music therapy can work for you too.