Music Therapy Workshops

Work you like to have your staff participate in a music therapy workshop?

Music therapy workshops

Do you want to know more about music therapy? Would you like a demonstration of how a music therapy session works?

Have your staff participate in a music therapy workshop. Contact us now about music therapy training and education possibilities.

Central Coast Music Therapy provides an overview of music therapy approaches, strategies, intervention and techniques across the varied populations. The focus of the workshop can target the client base you work with. For example:

  • early intervention
  • school aged
  • children and adolescents
  • adult
  • aged

Central Coast Music Therapy can explore the variety of government funding bodies that support the implementation of music therapy.

Workshops run by Central Coast Music Therapy are interactive sessions that illustrate music therapy techniques and interventions.

Participants will explore the benefits of music to enhance health and wellbeing. Examples of music therapy achievements will be shared during the workshop.

Central Coast Music Therapy will illustrate music therapy goals over four key areas: physical, cognitive (academic/behaviour), psychological/emotional, and social. Central Coast Music Therapy will inform participants about the advantages for both individual and group music therapy sessions.

For example a music therapy group with five participants can work toward the goal of turn taking/sharing by playing a game of ‘Shake, Shake, Pass it On’ in which clients use an egg shaker and pass it around the group.

Family/carers are welcome to participate in music therapy sessions. This can help to reinforce and transfer the developing skills and achievement of goals, to other environments including home, school and work.

For participants to obtain the optimum from their music therapy experience, Central Coast Music Therapy recommends a maximum of 40 participants per workshop. Multiple workshops can be arranged to meet the interest of all workshop participants. Workshops optimally run for 45 minutes. Workshops will be facilitated by a qualified and registered music therapist who has experience working with your client base.

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    Music therapy has the ability to improve the lives of people.

    Discover music as therapy

    Music therapy is a professional discipline that utilises planned and controlled music to achieve therapeutic goals and aims. Music therapy is the functional use of musical interaction to enhance and develop socialisation, communication, selfexpression, and sensory-motor skills.

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    Sarah Fisher Dobbin

    Sarah has been working in music education with students with a range of needs. This includes working in schools that cater for students with behaviour issues and emotional issues, schools for students with moderate to severe intellectual and physical disabilities and in mainstream settings.

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    Music therapy goals

    There are a range of music therapy techniques and interventions that are used during music therapy sessions. There are planned components but there are also activities that can be used in the moment dependent upon reaction, feelings and willingness of the participant(s).

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    Music Therapy Sessions

    Music therapy sessions are offered after school hours or on the weekends.

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    Music Lessons

    Providing traditional music lessons on a range of instruments.

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    Music Therapy has been wonderful for April. She is singing with more confidence and with more articulation, making her speech clearer and easier to understand. She is enjoying all aspects of her sessions, becoming increasingly less anxious. She particularly enjoys using the microphone.

    Lyn – Mother

    Talk with us – music therapy can work for you too.